• Gently cleanses and soothes hair and scalp. 
  • Mild cleansers and a neutral pH create a tearless formula. 
  • A unique blend of extracts helps to hydrate and prevent moisture loss while chamomile and coneflower extract calm and soothe. 
  • The tearless formula is great for children of all ages. 
  • This product is paraben free, gluten free, and vegan friendly.
  • Shampoo Two
  • Color-safe formula deeply cleanses oily hair and scalp, leaving hair fresh, shiny and full of body. 
  • Wheat-derived conditioners boost body and shine. 
  • Helps minimize oil production, so hair becomes less oily over time. 
  • This product is paraben free, vegan friendly, and color safe.
  • 10.14 oz

Baby Don't Cry