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theBalm The Dew Manizer'sQuad creates a dewy glow and enhances radiance.

This collection of four multitasking liquid highlighters features a creamy, yet lightweight formula that can be mixed into moisturizers or foundations to provides an all-over radiant glow!

Set includes minis of all four shades of Dew Manizer (0.071 fl oz each):

  • Mary-Dew: honey-hued illuminator ideal for highlighting the brow arch, cupid's bow and eyes.
  • Cindy-Dew: peachy-pink highlighter capable of enhancing cheeks, lips and chin.
  • Betty-Dew: Achieve a sun-kissed glow with as this illuminator instills the temples, lips and jaw line with warmth
  • Bonnie-Dew: This highlighter provides the brows, cupid's bow and eyes with a shimmering golden glow

The Dew Manizer'sQuad- Liquid Highlighters

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